Open Innovation Campus



Weekly hours


Expected Start Date

September, 2024

Job Profile



Frontend Development, Backend development, AI / Machine Learning


Español / English

Development of innovation prototypes on the video platform.

Description of the team offering the internship

In the Video Innovation team we work to bring innovation to the global video platform and Spain, making prototypes and testing with real customers to validate or pivot ideas. Within the area there are several work tracks but all focused on video, in each of them, we work on cutting-edge technologies and their application to real services to offer value to users.

What will you learn during your internship with us?

During the internship you will learn to work in a team and understand the impact that innovation can have on stable products, as well as the use of disruptive technologies to achieve the goal of delivering value to customers. You will work with a very fluid multidisciplinary team in which all members contribute to improve the final product. You will learn and use recent technologies such as React or NodeJS, you will build front ends to demonstrate the capabilities we work on, APIs to make them available, etc. And of course, you will work with AI, applying it in different projects to achieve amazing results.

Training and skills you will need to develop this internship

We are looking for people who want to learn and give the best of themselves, people who have worked with technologies such as: ReactJS / Angular / Vue Vanilla JS NodeJS Docker OpenAI Mistral OLLama But above all, they must be willing to make the maximum effort and take advantage of the interrship to 200%.