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Expected Start Date

October, 2024

Job Profile



Telecommunications networks



Technical Product Engineer - Telco APIs

Description of the team offering the internship

Open Gateway is a GSMA-led telco industry initiative that aims to transform communications networks into platforms. This enables open telco capabilities in an interoperable, intuitive, and programmable way. We are a technical team within the Product team at Open Gateway. Our primary focus is to drive innovation and ensure seamless integration of Telco APIs by executing product Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and providing technical support for aggregator integrations (AWS, Azure, Google...). PoCs execution: We collaborate with product managers, developers, and external partners to identify and explore new ideas and use cases. Our team designs and executes PoCs to validate the technical feasibility and business value of these concepts. We rapidly develop prototypes that showcase the capabilities of our Telco APIs, providing a tangible demonstration of potential applications. We collect feedback from PoC executions to assess performance, identify potential improvements, and refine the overall solution. Aggregator Integration support: Ensure technical alignment between Open Gateway APIs and partner systems, facilitating seamless integration. Participate in planning sessions to understand integration objectives, timelines, and deliverables. Document technical requirements from aggregators/channel partners like AWS and Azure. We provide expert technical support during the integration process, addressing any challenges or issues that arise. Help develop and test prototypes of co-created services and use cases, providing feedback and suggestions for improvements.

What will you learn during your internship with us?

What You'll Learn: PoCs (Proof of Concepts) Development: You'll learn how to plan, develop, and execute PoCs to validate new ideas and use cases using our Telco APIs. Integration Support with Aggregators/Partners: You'll familiarize yourself with technical integration processes by collaborating on the planning and execution of integrations with key partners like AWS, Azure, among others. Documentation and Training: You'll participate in creating detailed technical documentation and training materials for our internal teams and external partners. You'll acquire skills in effective technical communication and presenting complex information clearly and concisely. Cross-Functional Collaboration and Communication: You'll work closely with product, engineering, and customer support teams to align efforts and ensure project success. You'll learn to communicate effectively with different stakeholders and work in a multidisciplinary environment. Tasks You'll Perform: Assist in planning and executing PoCs, including gathering requirements, developing prototypes, and documenting results. Support in coordinating integrations with aggregators and partners, including identifying technical requirements and troubleshooting technical issues. Contribute to creating technical documentation and training materials, ensuring clarity and accuracy of information. How It Will Contribute to Your Development: Technical Skills Development: You'll gain hands-on experience in developing technical solutions using Telco APIs and integration tools. Problem-Solving Improvement: You'll learn to identify and address technical challenges effectively, developing problem-solving skills. Communication Skills Enhancement: You'll improve your technical communication skills by interacting with internal and external teams and participating in documentation and training material creation. Real-World Experience in a Professional Environment: You'll gain valuable experience working in a real-world environment, collaborating with industry professionals, and contributing to the success of real projects.

Training and skills you will need to develop this internship

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Related Fields English level: A proficiency level in English beyond intermediate would be advantageous. Since Open Gateway may have international operations and collaborations with global partners, English is essential for communicating with colleagues and clients from different parts of the world. An intern should be able to participate in meetings in English, understand technical documents, and effectively communicate with the team in English both verbally and in writing. Hard Skills: API Understanding: Basic understanding of APIs, including how they work, their importance in software development, and basic concepts of API design. Telecommunications Fundamentals: Basic knowledge of the principles and fundamental concepts of telecommunications, acquired through relevant university courses. Network Understanding: Familiarity with basic concepts of communication networks, including network topologies and communication protocols. Programming Fundamentals: Basic proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or similar, acquired through coursework or personal projects. Basic IT Knowledge: Familiarity with basic IT concepts and tools, including version control systems like Git and basic command line usage. Soft Skills: Adaptability: Flexibility and openness to learning new technologies and processes, with the ability to adapt to changes in project requirements and priorities. Problem-Solving: Developing problem-solving abilities, with a proactive attitude towards identifying and resolving technical challenges, and seeking guidance when necessary. Customer Focus: Developing a customer-focused mindset, with a desire to understand customer needs and contribute to delivering solutions that meet those needs. Teamwork: Willingness to collaborate and work as part of a team, with the ability to listen to others, share ideas, and contribute to group discussions. Communication: Communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to convey ideas and concepts clearly and effectively to colleagues and stakeholders.