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Expected Start Date

July, 2024

Job Profile



Full Stack



Web developer (fullstack)

Description of the team offering the internship

We are the Product Marketing team of Telefónica's Chief Digital Office (CDO). We are recognized for the passion, perseverance and dedication we put into every project that passes through our hands. Our hacker spirit leads us to create captivating stories that transform the way in which customers interact with our digital products and services, with the objective of: - Position Telefónica as a leader in innovation and talent in technology. - Position our products and services to be known, understood, and used to improve the lives of our customers. Join us and help us make the world more human by connecting people's lives.

What will you learn during your internship with us?

As a web developer, you will participate as a member of the Creative/Web team developing your skills in a wide range of interactive projects and programming languages, from concept to final project delivery, developing the front-end and back-end of the CDO area's web applications and portals. It is an immersion in the development of web pages, through the use of the main front&back-end programming techniques and tools. To get a global vision of the web development process, you will delve into the creation, administration, maintenance, security and SEO optimization, acquiring practice in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, CMS systems, Java (Play Framework), database systems (Mongo DB, MySQL), and different server-side languages (Java, PHP), Javascript libraries such as jQuery or Node, CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, CSS precompilers (SASS), source control (GitHub). You will participate in the research process of new trends in Web3 development (crypto wallets, dApps, NFTs, blockchain, etc), and Metaverse (AR, VR, AI, 3D, etc...). You will be able to put into practice the knowledge acquired in your academic training in a dynamic environment, to develop your organizational, planning and teamwork skills. Training tasks: - User interaction design, development, testing, documentation and maintenance of front-end and back-end (look and feel and functionality) of web-based desktop and mobile applications. - Research on new trends in Web3 and Metaverse development. - Writing well-structured, testable and efficient code using software development best practices. - Data integration from various back-end services and databases. - Client-side and server-side architecture design. - Java development. - Web page creation with Wordpress and other CMS. - Reporting, tracking and closing issues. - Team work.

Training and skills you will need to develop this internship

Science degree. Computer Engineering is preferred, but any other field or degree will be considered as long as web development experience is demonstrated.