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Mario Frutos González

Mario Frutos González

Head of Digital Transformation of General Counsel at Telefónica

Vanesa Montoya Telefónica

Vanesa Montoya

Network Strategy and Development - Technological Innovation / Telefónica Spain

Paz Revuelta Telefónica

Paz Revuelta Zamorano

Product and Business Operations - Telefónica Tech

Raquel de las Heras de Gracia Telefónica

Raquel de las Heras de Gracia

Head of Multiplatform Services LatAm / Telefónica España

Alma María Ortuño Telefónica

Alma María Ortuño Gómez

Innovation / Telefónica Spain

TUTOR Program

Virginia Becerra Gomez

Head of Contract Planning / Business Process Transformation / Operations, Network and IT - Telefónica de España

Jesús Macias Portela Telefónica

Jesús Macias Portela

DevSecOps Tech lead - Core Innovation - CDO / Telefónica

Ismael Simón Telefónica

Ismael Simón

Head of Legal Operations / Telefónica


Richard Benjamins _ PhD

Dr. Richard Benjamins is Chief AI & Data Strategist at Telefonica and co-founder of the Spanish Observatory for Ethical and Social Impacts of AI

Mónica Oliver Telefónica

Mónica Oliver Yébenes


Daniel Barba Telefónica

Daniel Barba Gutiérrez

Engineering Manager Web3 - CDO / Telefónica

Raúl Salvago Telefónica

Raúl Salvago Hidalgo

Industry Marketing Manager - B2B Global CDO / Telefónica


José Miguel Sánchez García

Head of Entertainment Experience Design / CDO - Telefónica

José Alfredo Picón Cabezudo Telefónica

José Alfredo Picón Cabezudo

Development and Engineering of Video Platforms - Digital Home CDO / Telefónica

Luisa Rubio Telefónica

Luisa Rubio Arribas

Head of Wayra X - CDO / Telefónica

José Rodríguez Pérez

José Rodríguez Pérez

Head of HAAC Devices / CDO - Telefónica


Francisco Javier Saavedra Esteban

Head of Movistar+ Documentation - Operations Directorate - Exploitation Subdirectorate / Telefónica Audiovisual Digital


Francisco José Cano Hila

Head of TCDN Architecture, Evolution and Optimization / DIGITAL HOME SERVICE PLATFORM - Telefónica


Mireia Cuenca Ramón

Head of Global Entertainment Alliances - B2C Digital Products / CDO - Telefónica

Gabriel Álvarez

Gabriel Álvarez

Head of Innovation at the C4IN Cybersecurity Center of Excelence / Cybersecurity Innovation & Labs - Telefónica Tech

Álvaro Núñez

Álvaro Núñez

Security Researcher / Cybersecurity Innovation & Labs - Telefónica Tech


Carolina Panizo Campos

Product Manager Digital Video and Entertainment Products / CDO - Telefónica

Andrés Naranjo

Andrés Naranjo

Cyberintelligence and CSE Analyst / Cybersecurity & Cloud - Telefónica Tech

David García

David García

Seguridad Senior Security Researcher / Cybersecurity Innovation & Labs - Telefónica Tech

Julio Gómez Ortega

Julio Gómez Ortega

Intelligence Services Technical Product Manager / Cybersecurity & Cloud - Telefónica Tech

Juan Elosua

Juan Elosua

Director of TEGRA, Cybersecurity Innovation Center (Galicia) / Cybersecurity & Cloud - Telefónica Tech

José Ramón Gómez Utrilla

José Ramón Gómez Utrilla

enior Product Manager at Aura / CDO - Telefónica


Alberto Esteve Rivero

Digital Home Service Platform - Video & Entertainment / CDO - Telefónica


Roberto Tadeu Rodrigues

Partnerships / B2C Digital Products / CDO - Telefónica


Pablo García Pérez

Head of Finance - Wayra Spain / CDO - Telefónica


Nuria Echanove Puig

Video Content Partnerships - Global Entertainment Area / CDO - Telefónica


Pablo Antolín Rafael

Product Manager - Entertainment Services / CDO - Telefónica


Santiago Glez-Aurioles Fernández _ PhD

OT Category Leader de Telefonica Cybersecurity & Cloud Tech


Jagoba Pardo Torbado

Global Partnerships Manager - Gaming & Cloud B2C Digital Products / CDO - Telefónica


Toni Lopez-Carrasco Comajuncosas

Senior Tech Expert (Patents) / General Counsel & Regulatory - Telefónica


Jesús Arquero

Tech & Operations Entertainment Services CDO - Telefónica

Miguel Parra Movistar

Miguel Parra Jiménez

Journalist and scriptwriter of documentaries and reports - Creator of VideotecaM+ / Movistar Plus+ -Telefónica

open future

Inés Oliveira

Global Head Telefónica Open Future at Wayra / CDO - Telefónica


Javier Ruiz García

Head of Software - QA Lead Living Apps Core - CTO / CDO - Telefónica


Luis Pablo del Árbol Pérez

Head of Security Business Development / Telefónica Tech


Alberto Rodríguez de la Cruz

Head of Software 2 (Platform engineer) CTO / CDO - Telefónica


Ana Menchero Sánchez

Global Strategic Partnerships Manager / CDO - Telefónica

Daniel Esono Telefónica

Daniel Esono Ferrer

Head of Optimization and Scalability of TCDN - Digital Home CDO / Telefónica

Fernando López Telefónica

Fernando López Gavilánez

Product Exploration and Prototyping - Digital Home - CDO / Telefónica

Juan José Sánchez Peña

Juan José Sánchez Peña

Head of Cybersecurity / Movistar+ - Telefónica Audiovisual Digital

Telco Fintech

Maria Virginia Stutz

Telco Fintech Expert / CDO - Telefónica


Jorge Ordovás Oromendía

I am leading the Blockchain team at Telefónica Tech

Alejandro Chinchilla Rodriguez

Alejandro Chinchilla Rodriguez _ PhD

Head of Realtions with Universities Telefónica's Chairs / Institutional Relationship - Telefónica de España


Estíbaliz Huerga

Head of Final Exploitation Processes movistar+. Operations Management / Telefónica Audiovisual Digital


Javier de Dios Castro

Head of Software - QA Lead Living Apps Custom / CDO - Telefónica

Yaiza Rubio

Yaiza Rubio



Juan Domínguez Torre

Product designer / CDO - Telefónica

Daniel Jesús Coloma Baiges

Daniel Jesús Coloma Baiges

INNOVATION / CDO - Telefónica

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