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Can we measure the impact of political decisions based on analysis of big data?



  • Access to the news corpus
  • Selected privately-held data
  • Open data and data from the Spanish statistics office.

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Challenge aimed at university students, who are starting their final project, with knowledge of text mining, data engineering, data visualisation, NLP


Governments and politicians take many decisions but oftentimes it is hard to measure their impact in a shorter time frame then several years. It is important to hold politicians accountable for the decisions they take, and to make this transparent for society.

Challenge description

The objective of this project is to find out whether it is possible to measure the impact of political decisions based on open data, a large corpus with news (1996-2021) and selected privately-held data. This will be a retrospective study, where we will look at decisions taken in the past and then check their impact (also in the past). An example would be to analyze the impact of the decision to create the low emission zone “Madrid Central” on air quality and CO2 emissions.