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Discover, Drive, Inspire

We are #OICampus and we connect Telefónica´s open innovation with the academic ecosystem and talent.

Ready to Innovate

The Innovation with Talent Project that we develop from #OICampus, proposes new experiences to strengthen the development of future professionals.



Access to the most disruptive training development in innovation, where to acquire experience and put into practice skills necessary for incorporation into the labor market.

TUTOR Programme

TUTOR Programme

Development of final projects with expert mentors from Telefónica, on real industry challenges.



Experimentation and research masterclass. We share training content on technology and innovation projects.



Activities that we promote together with the academic ecosystem: Hackathons, Challenges, Labs, and much more.



Rolemodels accompanying the STEAM vocations of future innovation professionals.

Team #OICampus

We are committed to young talent. We seek to imagine the future, discover and build projects together.

quoteEmpowering the Connectionquote

Almudena Moreno Hernández

Head of Open Innovation Campus | Telefónica

Ana M. Paniagua Rey
quoteInspire the changequote

Ana Paniagua Rey

Innovation for Talent Program #OICampus | PM New Projects & GirlsLoveTech

Patricia López-Fuchet
quoteDiscover opportunitiesquote

Patricia López-Fuchet Pasquin

Innovation for Talent Program #OICampus | PM TUTORING - GirlsLoveTech Coordinator

quoteSupporting Young Talent!quote

Andrea Chaur González

Innovation for Talent Program #OICampus | Internships

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