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Challenge Agro UP! Grow your ideas


What you get at Agro UP!


  • Along with the teams and projects selected as "finalists", the ImmersionTrip phase will be developed, where the evolution for the acceleration and growth of the proposals will be explored and developed, according to the schedule set for it, with an exclusive benefit of the acceleration program taught by Menttoriza.
  • With the help of mentors and experts, the Menttoriza Business Development Process (PDNM) will begin; a path based on business experience.

    With the help of Menttoriza's vertical mentors, profitability and market demand are analyzed, or the preparation for the entry of financing.


  • Presentation of the most outstanding finalists at the Menttoriza D-Day Showcase.

    An expert committee, composed of experts from Telefónica's Agrotech sector, Menttoriza analysts and Telefónica's innovation managers, will evaluate the best proposal(s) and decide the winner(s) of this Challenge.

1st place, the winning team NUEVA STARTUP will receive
Connection with funding and investment channels (public and private). Exclusive analysis and report of the startup's strategic plan Optionally, the startup can have access to an exclusive mentoring plan, from 18 to 24 months, under the conditions of the Menttoriza Development Plan.

2nd Place, the winning team NEW STARTUP will receive
Exclusive analysis and report of the startup's strategic plan. Optionally, the startup can have access to an exclusive mentoring plan, from 6 to 12 months, under the conditions of the Menttoriza Development Plan.

Special recognition for "Projects with special potential".

The organisation of this challenge reserves the right to propose to the finalist projects, not selected as winners, the signing of an exclusive agreement under the conditions of the Menttoriza development plan, to be an advisory company and networking provider with financial partner/s suitable for the project, according to the specific needs of the moment in which the finalist proposals are found.

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What is Challenge Agro UP!

AGRO UP! Grow your ideas | Turn your idea into a new Startup

Telefónica from its Open Innovation Campus initiative, and together with Menttoriza, propose this Agrotech Challenge, aware of the need for continuous innovation in an essential sector.


The objective of the Challenge is to connect with future ideas that incorporate major changes in logistics and technology, or with new proposals for innovation.

Open Innovation Campus is the bridge of bidirectional connection of open innovation between Telefónica and the academic ecosystem, for the joint development of research projects, the promotion of programs and proposals for the formative progress of students through an Innovation Plan for talent, in addition to formalizing collaboration agreements to strengthen the development of ideas that seek to transform from innovation, important sectors of society.

promotes brilliant ideas for a better world, betting as a vertical accelerator of technological projects in three specific verticals, primary sector, logistics and energy, providing support and resources according to the phase in which the idea or project is with incubation, acceleration and financing.

Agro UP! is available to receive your idea or project, 365 days/year, for the continuous analysis of Agrotech innovation proposals.


Challenge Agro UP! Grow your ideas

What Agro UP offers you!

Agro UP! proposes a window of connection with the entire academic ecosystem, university students, vocational training students, student research teams, graduates and / or alumni, Spin-Offs, which aim to initiate and develop as startup from Spain.

The candidatures of teams whose proposal aims to transfer knowledge, technologies and / or research results to the market and society, forming a new startup company will be accepted.

Applications that present solutions, developments and projects that could be relevant to the transformation of the agricultural and livestock world will be considered.

What does the planet need?

We all need a more sustainable, efficient and healthy agricultural future.

  • The AgroUP! Challenge will explore, select and accelerate finalist PMV ideas, prototypes and projects that improve and evolve current systems.

Valid proposals of possible use cases that evolve, improve and/or solve relevant issues such as efficiency, anticipation and safety will also be evaluated.

  • Proposed idea based on a use case applied to the Agrotech ecosystem.
  • Profile(s) of the nominee(s)/team
  • Relevance of milestones transforming existing solutions, or new solutions presented
  • Innovative proposal and model proposed
  • Technology used
  • Maturity stage of the proposal
  • Sustainability layer