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What you get at Agro UP!

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  • The finalist projects will have the opportunity to have the first Business Feedback, as well as to participate in masterclasses and specialised mentoring given by Menttoriza.
  • Menttoriza's vertical mentors will analyse profitability and market demand, or the preparation for the entry of financing.


  • Presentation of the finalists with the highest scores at the Menttoriza D-Day Showcase.


An expert committee, composed of experts from Telefónica's Agrotech sector, Menttoriza analysts and Telefónica's innovation managers, will evaluate the best proposal or proposals and decide the new Agro UP! 

The 1st winning team will receive the GOLD-UP* award:

  • Connection with
financing and investment channels (public and private).
  • Exclusive
analysis and report on the startup's strategic plan.
  • Optionally, the startup can have access to an exclusive mentoring plan, from 18 to 24 months, under the conditions of the Menttoriza Development Plan.

*The prize in the "Gold-UP" category is valued at +60.000€.

2nd Team with the best evaluation from the jury will receive the SILVER-UP* Award:

  • 12 months of specialised mentoring
  • Strategic plan + weekly monitoring

*The Silver-UP category prize is valued at +30.000€.

Special recognition for "Projects with special potential" - GREEN-UP* Awards:
The organisation of this challenge reserves the right to exceptionally reward projects that, although not in 1st or 2nd place, stand out for their special potential, with 6 months of mentoring.
Strategic plan + weekly monitoring.

*Each Green-UP special award is valued at +12.000€ each.

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What is Challenge Agro UP!

AGRO UP! Grow your ideas | Turn your idea into a new Startup


Telefónica, through its Open Innovation Campus initiative, and together with Menttoriza, offers you this opportunity if you are looking to create a new startup with your idea or proposal on AgroTech innovation solutions.

The aim of Agro UP! is to connect with future ideas that incorporate major changes in logistics and technology, or with new proposals for innovation.

Agro UP! is available to receive your idea or project, 365 days.

We continuously analyse Agrotech innovation projects and proposals that need to grow and scale.


Challenge Agro UP! Grow your ideas

Finalist projects Agro UP! There is still time to register your proposal

AI as a driver for innovation in the primary sector bursts into "Agro UP! Make your ideas grow".  

After the stage of analysis and selection of finalists, and the second phase of mentoring and training developed during these eight months with the selected teams, La Cabina, Telefónica's technological inspiration space, was the setting for the Demo Day & Showcase:  

First team Optimus Silva from Dendron Soluciones (Cuenca) was awarded the first prize for its innovative contribution to solving complex environmental issues. Second place went to Ecoai Lab, a Valencian project that is committed to automating agricultural production predictions and optimising water use.   Special recognition went to a project from Cuenca, Tecno Bosque, which uses drones and advanced technology to apply flame-retardant substances to prevent fires in forest and urban environments; and special mention also went to Abastores, a startup from Toledo, whose proposal presents an online market for agricultural raw materials. 

In addition, the Showcase offered us the presentation of BIOMAD, a solution for the management, recycling and use of organic waste from farms and its conversion into "bioplastic" and the proposal of Agrolomedatech, with the development of a fibrotextile pipe.

Testimony of the expert jury

What does the planet need?

We all need a more sustainable, efficient and healthy agricultural future.

  • The AgroUP! Challenge will explore, select and accelerate finalist PMV ideas, prototypes and projects that improve and evolve current systems.