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Programming contest


Additional Info

Registration period
22nd November - 20th December 2021

Participation period
13th December - 20th December 2021

1st prize: One Plus 9
2nd prize: Nintendo Switch
3rd prize: Amazfit GTR 3
4th to 10th: 50€ Amazon voucher

Terms and conditions
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If you really want to give it a try and can't resist waiting for the next edition of CODE CHALLENGE, you can try to solve all the challenges on the Code Challenge website, where they will be available until the next release. 

Code Challenge

Do you love solving problems?
Are you a great coder?
Want to compete with the best?

The Code Challenge is for you!

In the last edition, 759 participants spent 7 days trying to solve the challenges and their enigmas.

They managed 191,240 lines of code, 2,141 attempts to solve a problem and managed to solve 1,977 problems.

The challenges are really challenging, 394 participants were able to solve at least one problem.

What are the profiles of the candidates participating in the Code Challenge?
If we take a look at the programming languages used during the competition, we see that Python, once again this year, continues to be the most popular language, used in more than half of the solutions, 6% more than in the previous edition!

Code Challenge


7 days; 20 challenges focused on algorithmics, reversing and security; few hours of sleep and many lines of code.

You can win fantastic prizes, have fun solving challenging problems and end up working at one of the leading tech companies!

This contest is suited for everyone who loves programming, join us!

What are the Code Challenge challenges like?
Participants face 20 challenges and an example of the challenges that can be highlighted from the last edition is the one called "HiddenToyStory", which started with a simple dice game that participants managed to decipher. They had to discover the message hidden in a line painted on an Etch, which is one of the toys that appears in the movie "Toy Story", and which gave the title to the problem posed. In addition, to find the solution, they also had to learn how a fax machine works. 6 participants managed to solve this complex challenge!