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Innovation Week 2024 CEU & Telefónica


¿A quién van dirigidos los retos de Telefónica?

In a new edition, Telefónica is proposing two new innovation and entrepreneurship challenges to students enrolled at CEU and participating in Innovation Week 2024 who seek to devise, create and promote new disruptive entrepreneurial proposals.

Innovation Week 2024 CEU & Telefónica

Proposed challenges

Sustainability on Campus:
Challenge: Develop a comprehensive plan to make the university campus more sustainable. This could include everything from innovative recycling methods to solutions to reduce the carbon footprint.
Challenge: Design a system that promotes the circular economy on campus, reducing waste and encouraging the reuse of resources.
- Challenge: Design a platform that facilitates sustainable travel options for young people, from ridesharing to eco-friendly transport options.

Medicine public or private healthcare.
Challenge: To propose innovative solutions that help to decongest primary care services, improving the quality and speed of medical care.