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ESCP Live Case Study 2022


What is Live Case Study 2022 ESCP & TELEFÓNICA about?

In this edition, the proposed challenges are born in the Wayra New Trends teams of Telefónica Open Innovation, and the New Business, IoT Connectivity and Strategic Projects teams of the Commercial IoT & BigData division of Telefónica Tech.

For a month, students and teachers participating in each project will work tirelessly to solve the challenges posed by Telefónica.

During this period, several monitoring sessions are planned to ensure that each proposal evolves with the support and objectives set for each challenge by Telefónica experts.

From OICampus we design projects with two objectives, one aimed at the impact and real benefit for society and the other towards the connection with the company.

  • The first aims to connect the academic world with the industry to improve training and achieve better prepared professionals.
  • The second, to contribute to the success of new proposals and / or services with real benefit and impact on society.

We are confident that Live Case Study 2022 with ESCP meets these two objectives and is a very enriching experience for all participants.
Live Case Study 2022 ESCP Telefónica


In this edition the challenges come from the New Trends teams at Telefónica Open Innovation, and from the New Business, IoT Connectivity and Strategic Projects teams of the Commercial IoT & BigData division of Telefónica Tech.

Live Case Study by Wayra New Trends

  • Responsible for exploring future trends to guide our investments in startups, they propose to ESCP students a study on the main technological trends that we have to monitor in 2023, both in the B2B and B2C market.

Live Case Study by New Business

  • They propose the challenge of analyzing in depth Drone solutions in the field of logistics to identify the main use cases, solutions and services, as well as the volume of business.

Live Case Study by IoT Connectivity

  • The challenge is to explore the competitive environment of IoT connectivity in Germany and the UK, focusing on understanding the players involved, their value proposition and possible partnerships that can change the market.

Live Case Study by Strategic Projects

  • Focused on industry, retail, health, sports, tourism and education, the challenge is to detect unresolved needs that could be addressed thanks to the emergence of the metaverse, explore how they could be solved, and identify which technologies should be developed to enable these solutions.
Open Innovation Telefónica

Why we do it

At OICampus we conceive these sort of projects with two goals in mind, one is towards the society, the other one is for us as a company. The former is to connect Academia with the Industry to improve higher education plans, and help training better professionals. The latter is about inspiring our own teams to find better solutions. We believe Live Case Study with ESCP achives those goals and forms a very rich experience for all parties.